Word on the Street: 
What People Are Saying About PTP

"Most people view theatre exclusively in terms of entertainment. It’s encouraging to see Playground Theatre Project stepping up to remind us with their programs focused on violence and bullying that theatre can be effectively used as a vehicle for public discussion and change. Their cast is a sharply focused ensemble comprised of local elementary,middle school, high school and college students. Their intensity and commitment to their work is laudable and inspiring." 
- Kimberly Rogers, Ocean Twp. PTA President

"Excellent!" - Mary Sutton, Raritan High School SAC

"Actors Playground [and Playground Theatre Project] is a magical place where you can be yourself without being judged. Where you can make a fool out of yourself and you won’t be thought about differently. Where weird is the best compliment you can have. Where religion, race, gender doesn’t matter."
- Dixie O., 12 yrs. old, student and PTP memeber

"This presentation was great! It was so relevant to what we are teaching...The students truly enjoyed it!...It was younger audlts teaching other young adults!...This program was great! Job well done!"
- Kimberly Golla, Raritan High School, Health Teacher


"As in life, the dialogue surrounding histories of oppression and repression, both as external forces and internalized expectations, has a long way to go. But it gives me hope to see this work starting with critical thinking in our youth."
- NYTheatreNow.com

"Bang, Bang You're Dead wisely offers no easy answers, but it is a play that everyone, especially teenagers and pre-teen, should have the opportunity to see. These remarkable teenage actors are able to articulate for those who are no longer able to speak for themselves. We would do well to listen." 
- NYTheatre.com

"... a powerful performance." -The Asbury Park Press

"I'm very impressed by what this cast of teenagers accomplished during the show and by their bravery in sharing their stories.."   
-Lee Kaplan: Writer and Performer of Critically Acclaimed "Bully"

"Everyone thought at some times [the presentation] was funny and [we] learned not to bully."
- 6th grade student, Manchester TWP middle school